About Us

Our Mission

Whittier's Dual Language Magnet School provides a 21st century innovative program that challenges students to achieve biliterate excellence. By partnering with families and the community we provide enrichment opportunities that cultivate positive self-esteem and cross-cultural understanding.

Nuestra Misión

La Escuela Magnet de Lenguaje Dual de Whittier ofrece un programa innovador del siglo XXI que desafía a los estudiantes a lograr la excelencia en la alfabetización bilingüe. Al asociarnos con las familias y la comunidad, brindamos oportunidades de enriquecimiento que cultivan la autoestima positiva y la comprensión intercultural.

Our vision

Whittier Dual Language Magnet School will empower students to become bilingual and culturally-conscious citizens that are prepared to innovate and succeed.

Nuestra Visión

La Escuela Magnet de Lenguaje Dual de Whittier capacitará a los estudiantes para que se conviertan en ciudadanos bilingües y culturalmente conscientes que estén preparados para innovar y tener éxito.


Our Monarch

At Whittier Dual Language Magnet School, we proudly embrace the Monarch as our beloved mascot. Inspired by its migratory nature, the Monarch perfectly symbolizes the essence of our school community.

Just like the Monarch's ability to travel back and forth, we foster a dynamic environment where students seamlessly navigate between two languages. Here,language is not confined to a single space but rather empowers our students to communicate effectively everywhere they go. Whether expressing themselves in English or Spanish, our students have the freedom to use their linguistic skills and thrive in a truly inclusive and diverse learning environment.

In The Heart of


Our dual language school takes immense pride in being situated in Chicago's vibrant Pilsen neighborhood. Pilsen's rich cultural heritage, artistic spirit, and strong community bonds align perfectly with our mission of fostering bilingualism, cultural diversity, and global citizenship. 

Being part of this dynamic neighborhood allows us to actively engage with local organizations, businesses, and residents, creating meaningful partnerships that enrich the educational experience for our students. 

Pilsen's warmth, resilience, and commitment to educational excellence align harmoniously with our school's values, creating an environment where students thrive and embrace the world around them.

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