Dual Language Magnet School

The only wall-to-wall dual language magnet school in the South side of Chicago.

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Holistic Development

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Whittier is a community-oriented Dual Language Magnet school that prioritizes the holistic development and success of its students. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging, collaboration, and support among students, teachers, and parents. We strive to create an inclusive and culturally diverse environment where students can thrive academically, linguistically, and personally, preparing them to become confident, compassionate, and globally minded individuals ready to succeed in an interconnected world.

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Leading the Way

Wall-to-Wall Dual Language Model

Whittier is a dual language school pioneer within the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system, offering a dual language program for over 25 years. Our classrooms follow a wall-to-wall dual language model, where all classrooms are bilingual. The program follows the CPS model of 80% Spanish and 20% English in the primary grades, gradually transitioning to a 50-50 split in fourth grade. We have a strong emphasis on bilingualism, giving our students a competitive advantage and the benefits of being bilingual.

"We Are Pioneers...

within the CPS school system."

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"We are pioneers within the CPS school system. For over 25 years, we have proudly embraced dual language education. As our population evolves, our unwavering commitment remains strong. With visitors observing our experienced teachers, we continue to lead the way in this program, setting the standard from the start."

-- Ms. Arroyo, Dual Language Coordinator

Who Can Attend

a Neighborhood Magnet School?

Whittier Dual Language Magnet School is part of a World Language Magnet Cluster and a neighborhood school. This allows us to accept students from the immediate area and any Chicago neighborhood.

Whittier Facts

Language Proficiency: Spanish &  English.
Grades Served: Pre-K through 8th 
Our Location: Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago, Ill
Student-Teacher Ratio: 11 to 1
Technology Integration: 1 to 1

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Small School Advantage:

Systems Of Support

Whittier's close-knit community fosters a supportive environment. Our small size allows us to provide diverse resources and interventions, meeting the unique needs of our students and their families.

Social Emotional Learning

SEL programs are integrated into each classroom.

Comprehensive Care

We have a full-time, bilingual counselor & social worker to support students.

Individualized Support

Lessons tailored to meet the unique needs of each  Diverse Learner.


We offer our parents workshops and classes as well as a BAC & PAC


“Because of our small classroom sizes and the way our school is set up, it also allows us to collaborate more with classroom teachers. We're able to follow the curriculum that the teachers are doing in the gen ed classrooms, because we're able to discuss and plan how to make the lesson better on an individual basis for all of the students.”

–Mr. Camacho, Diverse Learner Teacher


“I love that this is a small school because we have the opportunity to make really meaningful connections with students, we get to know most everyone by name - Whittier is a very personal educational experience.”

–Mr. Muro, English Language Program Teacher

Community Partners

We are immensely grateful for the invaluable support of our community partner.  Their unwavering commitment to our school has made a profound impact on our students, staff, and broader community, enriching the educational experience of our students and their families in countless ways. 



Promotes green spaces and environmental awareness while cultivating a strong sense of community.



Chance the Rapper Grant

Igniting creativity and artistic expression with a state-of-the-art kiln room.



Chicago Children's Choir

Empowers young voices, promotes cultural understanding, and inspires lifelong passion for music.


Whittier-82 (1)
Whittier-garden_painting 2

“Our school garden is a testament to the dedication of our teachers and parents, who tirelessly advocated for its creation. Through grant writing and a partnership with Friends of the Chicago River and Neighborspace, we enlisted the help of a talented local artist to adorn the garden with beautiful murals. The process of designing the garden became an engaging science project for our students, as sixth-grade teams meticulously planned and assessed factors like sunlight and ideal plant choices. The entire school participated in the decision-making process, creating a garden with a rich history and a strong sense of community involvement.”

–Ms. Carbajal, MTSS Coordinator


“We are always looking for ways to better serve our community, and now that we are a magnet school, we are able to open our doors to a bigger world, to those outside of Pilsen who want a bilingual education.” 

–Ms. Guzman, Principal

Is Whittier For You?

Whittier Dual Language Magnet School stands out for its commitment to dual language education, strong community ties, and holistic support for students and their families. To find out why Whittier is the right place for you click the link below.